New Paths-ICT

Information and Communications Technologies

The New Paths-ICT program aims to promote and develop the use of information and communications technologies (ICT) in schools by supporting the school environment and cultivating teacher and student exploitation. This program supports both FNEC member and non-member schools across Quebec.

Summary of the initiatives

Connectivity Reimbursement

Schools are eligible to receive reimbursement for Internet connectivity services. Consistent to previous years (Schoolnet), schools have two reporting periods in which to send in their claim for reimbursement:

Reporting period 1 deadline: October 31, 2016 
Reporting period 2 deadline: March 31, 2017

Schools are required to complete and return the Connectivity Reimbursement Form with copies of connectivity invoices and their own invoice (template provided) to the FNEC.

Connectivity Reimbursement Form 2016-2017 - .pdf

Connectivity Reimbursement Form 2016-2017 - .doc

Software Licensing

The FNEC maintains two software licensing agreements aimed at supporting the acquisition of software for schools use. The FNEC distributes updates via DVD on a regular basis to schools that submit their General Agreement Form. Schools are also required to submit the Microsoft agreement in order to keep our licensing numbers current in relation to the agreement.

Microsoft Agreement (school agreement)

The FNEC maintains a regional Microsoft school agreement which provides all schools with free Microsoft Office and Windows upgrade licensing. Schools are permitted to use this licensing for computers located in the school and other learning environments that support the delivery of K-12 education services in their community. Schools are required to complete and return the Microsoft Agreement Form in order to participate in this program.

McAfee (anti-virus)

The FNEC also maintains a regional McAfee licensing agreement that is not as restrictive as the Microsoft agreement. Schools receive the desktop and server suite of the McAfee software that can be used on all school computers. Schools are further permitted to distribute this software to students enabling them to install the anti-virus program at home. No reporting is required for this agreement.

For all general inquiries concerning New Paths initiatives, please do not hesitate to contact Jane Hicks, FNEC Technology Department Secretary.



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