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FIRST NATIONS EDUCATION Surprise document filed in Federal Court by the Government of Canada

Last February, the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador (AFNQL) and the First Nations Education Council (FNEC) jointly submitted a request for a judicial review by the Federal Court of the consultation process regarding the education bill tabled as Bill C-33. details

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The First Nations Education Council is reacting in light of the publication of the drafted First Nations Education Act. If you would like to comment on our release, we invite you to do so on our new blog 

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Federal government files a document before the Federal Court of Canada

As part of the judicial review process currently underway by the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec Labrador (AFNQL) and the First Nations Education Council (FNEC), the federal government filed an unexpected document on September 10 before the Federal Court of Canada.

This document appears to be the agreement between Shawn Atleo, Stephen Harper, and Bernard Valcourt on Bill C-33, and could have serious implications for the judicial review.

The postponement requested by the AFNQL and the FNEC of the hearing has been accepted. This will enable the proper analyses of the document to be conducted, and the next steps to be determined. Read the document


Federal Minister of Aboriginal Affairs Bernard Valcourt Refuses to Collaborate with AFNQL Chiefs on Improving
Education on First Nation Children

On three occasions in the past months the AFNQL Chiefs have sincerely and formally invited the federal Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, Bernard Valcourt, to work with them on improving education services for First Nations children. The Minister refuses to meet with them, without any explanation. details


(In french only) Lettre du ministre Bernard Valcourt au Chef de l'APQNL le 18 août 2014

La présente fait suite à votre lettre du 18 juin 2014, sollicitant une rencontre avec l'honorable Bernard Valcourt afin de discuter du projet de loi C-33 portant sur l'éducation des Premières Nations...details


Letter of Terence McBride to Bernard Valcourt August 13, 2014

On June 18, 2014 the Chief of the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec-Labrador sent you a letter requesting for a meeting with you and the primary purpose of the letter was to engage you in a productive discussion to work on the improvement in educational services for First Nations children...details 


Resolutions August, 2014

First Nations education is the one of the highest priorities for First Nations and Canada. I am writing to communicate the direction of Chiefs-in-Assembly and the formal response of the Assembly of First Nations on Bill C-33. Attached you will find the Resolutions pertaining to this matter...details